SpeedLink - Beenie Mobile Mouse Wireless /Black

129 kr

Trollvrede! Produkten är tyvärr slut och vi jobbar på att få in den i lager så fort som möjligt.


The wireless BEENIE is the handy little sidekick along the way. The slim symmetry of the silent-buttoned mouse attracts left- and righthanders at once. 8m range provide a comfortable movement-area and the professional 1,200dpi sensor captures even smallest movements precisely.


-Wireless mouse

-8m wireless range thanks to 2.4GHz technology

-3 noiseless main buttons

-Suitable for left- and righthanded user

-Sensor resolution: 1,200dpi

-Connection: wireless receiver (USB-A)

-Dimensions: 79 × 46 × 32mm (L × W × H)

-Weight: 43g

-Batteries included