Pokemon Sword & Shield 10.5: Pokémon GO Box V Alolan Exeggutor

259 kr
199 kr

Trollvrede! Produkten är tyvärr slut och vi jobbar på att få in den i lager så fort som möjligt.

With their unique coloration, Shiny Pokémon are usually tough to find, but the adorable Radiant Eevee is eager to join your team in this collection filled with tons of treasures! In addition to a playable foil card featuring Radiant Eevee, you also get a glossy enamel pin and a playmat that shows off beautiful artwork of this rare Pokémon. Then, find even more awesome Pokémon and Trainer cards in a stack of Pokémon GO booster packs!

- 4 st Pokémon TCG Booster packs med totalt 40 kort
- 1 st Pokémon TCG Pokemon V Foil Promo-kort
- 1 st Pokémon TCG Oversize Foil Promo kort
- 1 st kod för aktivering av digitalt material i Pokémon TCG Online