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Weiss Schwarz - D.C.~Da・Capo~ 20th Anniversary Premium Booster Display (6 Packs) (Japansk)

479 kr

3 cards in 1 package & 6 packages in 1 box. 18cards.
Please note that you cannot necessarily get all kinds of the items in one box.
There are 45+45+24 kinds of cards.
(C)2001-2022 CIRCUS (C)CIRCUS/(C)HIKOSEN (C)bushiroad All Rights Reserved.

- DC ~ Da Capo ~ Participate again in Weiss Schwarz to commemorate the 20th anniversary!
- Includes characters from the successive DC ~ Da Capo ~ series!
- Includes the latest DC5 characters!
- Each pack contains a glittering foil-stamped card!
- In addition, the SP (special) card is a stamped signature card of the voice actor or illustrator!

[Illustration information]
- Includes 10 illustrations drawn by gorgeous illustrators!

[Foil stamping signature card information]
-Includes stamped signature cards of 18 voice actors!
- Sakura Nogawa/Ayayo Takagaki/Yui Horie/Emi Nitta/Suzuka Fujimura/Mirai Sasaki/Chii Sakurasaki/Ai Matayoshi/Nao Higashiyama/Aisa Ito/Emiri Kato/ Kana Asumi/Inori Minase/Ai Kakuma/Kotori Koiwai/Manaka Iwami/Akira Sekine/Aoi Koga

-Includes stamped signature cards of 5 illustrators!
- Natsuki Tanihara/Yuki Takano/Yuka Kayura/Konata/Iroha Shiratori

[Neo-standard category]
- Only cards with card numbers beginning with [DC/][DC3/][DC4/][DC5/][DS/] can be used to construct a deck.

[Number of card types]
- N (Normal) 45 types + DCP (Da Capo Parallel) Foil Stamp Cards 45 types + SP (Special) Foil Stamp Cards 24 types