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Warhammer Stormcast Eternals Knight-Questor Larissa Shadowstalker

479 kr

Borne into war by shimmering bolts of divine lightning, the Stormcast Eternals are warriors of vengeance.
Forged by the god-king Sigmar into living weapons against the power of Chaos, some of these soldiers of the heavens are notable even amongst their shining brethren for their heroic deeds – these champions become known as a Knight-Questor.
Vowing to stand as a shield between the denizens of the mortal realms and the predatory horrors of Chaos, they undertake great quests in Sigmar’s name in order to find and retrieve powerful artifacts that might swing the tide of battle toward Order.

This is the Limited Edition Knight-Questor Larissa Shadowstalker Sculpt.